You may be smoking 20 cigarettes a day....and not know it.

Just how harmful are your cleaning products? Lost my asthma switching products...

Your Cleaning Products May Be As Harmful As 20 Cigarettes a Day

No joke, almost 11 years ago i had my last baby, i was getting back into post baby shape and was running again. I'd always been a runner and it was my happy place. But since i could remember, I always needed a "hit" on my trusted Albuterol inhaler every time i left for a run. It was like clockwork. If i didn't take it, I wouldn't get very far down the road before turning back from wheezing. 

I had childhood asthma and it started when i took up cross country running in middle school. The first few times it happened i didn't know what was going on. I had some crazy scares with some asthma attacks and several times would be sleeping in a chair so i could breathe better. One of my worst asthma attacks happened in my first year of marriage while we lived in So Cal in Bellflower. I was a bilingual substitute and had this sweet 1st grade bilingual class. I remember having coughs and colds that year since all the adorable 5 and 6 year olds would cough and sneeze and happily share their germs with me all day long.

One particular day by noontime, I remember my chest starting to feel tight and I couldn't quite breathe very deeply. I was getting a little anxious because i knew what was happening.  I started talking really controlled and slow breathes as i continued teaching the class. I remember feeling scared, moving around slowly and praying for the day to end so i could meet up with Steve.  I had no cell phone then. It was back in the dark ages, ha! After the bell as quickly and carefully as I could, I drove to Steve's school where he taught. I slowly walked into his classroom and in between breathes i managed to get out, "I" ..."can't".. "breathe...!" Steve rushed me to the ER, i'm sure he was freaked out and soon after I got some breathing treatment and began to feel better. 

There are so many people who have asthma issues. There is so much we can't control but what i found is that i could control the amount of toxins that enter my home by means of any kind of sprays, soaps, laundry, kitchen, floor, etc type of cleaners! When a dear friend 11 years ago invited me to her house for a "Healthy Home, Healthy You" party, I finally went after the 5th invite because i trusted this friend. Little did i know it was going to change my health!!  No more inhalers and no more asthma.  Woohooo!  

Earth Day is this month, April 22, and I am passionate about highlighting one of my favorite product lines...the Get Clean Kit! It was the start of my health turnaround 11 years ago and my first introduction into a health company that is green, environmentally conscious, innovative in every way, beyond organic standards and testing, 1st company in the world to offset its carbon emissions, safe and pure! Years ago when Oprah was hosting the Shaklee CEO's on her show, I was trying out the cleaners. 

Oprah Get Clean Video

Switching brands CAN make a difference! If your wondering how harmful your cleaning products may be, do the research, and make a switch!   

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