How is Body, Home & Health Different?

You get Christine's full attention, experience, and skills.  My vision is to see people living healthier lives, vibrant, purposeful and empowered lives and to pass that on, making a difference in the next person. My mission is to help others look and feel their best and help them take ownership of their health and wellness and be the best version of themselves.  I get to know my clients well and tailor their program to reach their unique dreams and goals. 

Do I need a gym to be part of the training programs?

Depends. You can do many body weight movements in your own home if you can't be a part of a gym. If you are local, I train clients at a few locations which have a wide range of exercise equipment that i love to utilize! You do not need to be a member of these gyms to work with me.

How do I pay?

We accept major credit cards and you can pay online directly from our secure site.  

What equipment do I need to have for you to consider my home gym? 

My desire is to help you get a full body workout.  We want strength training, cardio and mobility, although you don't need to be a full stocked operating gym. Varying weights of dumbbells or a barbell with weights are required.  Having kettlebells, weighted balls, pull up bars, bands and other equipment is a plus.  When adding to your cart, please check all that apply.  

How can I get the group training price? 

Group training is a great way to save some money and work out with friends.  I love training small groups.  You are responsible for finding your own group and working out together. 

What if I purchased a 8 punch card training session and I'm leaving town soon? 

If you can't use all your 8 sessions in 60 days you will need pre-approval to "Pause" and "Return" to your workouts. Send me an email with the dates.  

How do I receive 15% lifetime discounts on all-natural nutritional products?

I trust Shaklee nutritional products.  If you become a member you receive 15% lifetime discounts with no monthly commitment required.  There are a few economical ways to receive free Shaklee lifetime membership.

  1. With select ChristineVanDiest.com Fitness or Nutrition packages the Shaklee Lifetime membership is free.  
  2. With select Shaklee purchases lifetime membership is free.

Christine will talk with you personally to see which program best fits your needs. 


Why do you recommend Shaklee Products?

After 10 years of personal use, research and testing other products I have found Shaklee's standards and quality to be the safest, most reliable and effective for health, weight loss and performance. With over 1K companies and 50K products, which products do you trust, which are safe? As a consumer, a great defense is to check a company's clinical claims, substantiation/proof and if there is longevity and history. www.healthresource.shaklee.com

For more information see Why Shaklee?

What if I cancel my scheduled workout/nutrition meeting?  

If you re-schedule prior to 24 hours, there is no penalty or loss of session. 

If you cancel/re-schedule within 24 hours you either:

  • Lose 1session of your purchased packages.  
  • Or pay a $25 cancellation fee via Venmo, Paypal or cash.  

I purchased a plan and now I just don't want to continue, can I get a refund? 

Unfortunately most of my work is done before hand; planning, prepping, calculating a custom program for you.  I can't give you a refund. BUT I don't want you to quit.  Every workout, nutrition program, training session is hard and I'm here to help you get over the barriers that are keeping you from your goals.  

What if I'm late to a session? 

Please text or call.  If I'm able in my schedule, I will accommodate the time change that day.

What does it look like to join you in business and become part of your team?  

There are many facets to joining my business team.  I would love to sit down and see what your vision, passions and skills are.  I love partnering with motivated, energetic and passionate leaders who want to make a difference in the world all while financially providing for you and your family.  A healthier and better life for everyone.