How do I choose quality supplements and protein powder?

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How many of you have thought, really, does taking vitamins long term do anything for my health?  Or is it just expensive pee? Valid question. Not all supplements are the same.

The market is flooded with products and companies and sadly bogus products. As a consumer, it’s buyer beware, when choosing brands and very overwhelming. My buying decision early on was if the label seemed impressive and it was less expensive than the next brand, I’d buy it. Add convenience to the mix and it was a done deal for me. Easy peasy. 

But that is a rather flawed reasoning. I’ve learned that anyone can slap a label on a bottle and sell a pill, powder or juice. 4 years ago I was approached by a friend who asked me to do online fitness videos and then sell a multi and protein powder so we could make money. I said no because i didn't want to put my name on something that had no quality testing on ingredients, proof of 3rd party validation, had science to back it up etc. That's expensive to do!  But that happens ALL the time!  I want to buy from a company that I can trust with my health, don’t you?

So Why do i choose Shaklee? I only heard of this company 10 years ago. Shaklee has been the innovative leader and the number one natural nutrition company for decades, over 60 years for a reason. Dr. Shaklee had a mission to find the connection between nature and good health. So he became a chiropractor. As a chiropractor he wanted to provide better nutrition to his patients and so in 1915 he created the first multi vitamin/mineral supplement. He spent 40 years perfecting his vitamin and then started Shaklee corporation in 1956. 

For me, the Shaklee Difference IS the gold standard and here is why:

Purity. Potency. Performance. Proof

PURITY: the term organic is overused.  It has become a marketing sales ploy for some companies because as a consumer we will buy organic over a non organic, especially if it's the same price. I will! Organic means HOW something was grown, a method. Organic does NOT mean that product is pure. It used to be that we could get all our nutrients from the food we ate. From field to our dinner table. Now, food is shipped long distances, picked too early, sprayed with harmful chemicals, GMO’s, etc. We are lacking key nutrients in our diets and this is reeking havoc on America’s health. These products truly fill in those nutritional gaps.

—>Shaklee’s testing goes way beyond organic, and is obsessed with the purity and safety of each product. Shaklee conducts over 100,000 quality tests per year and screens for over 350 contaminants, pesticides and impurities on every new botanical ingredient. This is THREE times the U.S.P. (United States Pharmacopeia) standard. This guarantees that the final finished product is free of hundreds of chemical contaminants.
—>Shaklee has never in their 60+ years of existence had a product re-called - that’s huge.

POTENCY: products from time to time when tested is one resource of testing as well as USP verification services exposes bogus claims on labels; some cases there is less or more of an ingredient than what is written on the label, or there are contaminants. So unless you trust the company that you are buying from, do your research and there is proof of bioavailability and delivery to the right place in the body, you are buying expensive and unsafe pee!

Bogus Claims by Companies

False Claims that are made by Protein Companies

—>Shaklee has exclusive 12 patents and pending with SMART delivery system in the Vitalizer Strip guarantees proper and precise delivery of ALL 80 nutrients on the label.

PERFORMANCE: When NASA approaches your company and asks to have you make them a hydration drink for their astronauts there is definitely some level of trust in the efficacy and reliability of your products. USA Olympic Athletes trust the purity and potency and results they get from our products. They don’t get paid to endorse Shaklee products. They choose to use Shaklee over any other brand. The strict standards these athletes must go through, they need products they can trust.

—>Shaklee’s products are not only life-changing but 100% guaranteed or your money back!

PROOF: Back to claims, it really doesn't matter how clever and impressive a label is, it comes down to what you can prove! Shaklee products are proven by science. Clinical Proof that you can live younger longer
—>Shaklee has published 135 scientific papers and presentations, 90 of which are in peer-reviewed publications proving the products work. Most company’s would be thrilled with one published study. Here’s one: The Landmark Study was the first ever of its kind asking the question, “does taking vitamins have a positive long term affect or is it just expensive pee?”
This study was led by an acclaimed nutrition researcher from the University of California, Berkeley, comparing 3 groups and you can check it out for yourself at
• The 3 groups were matched according to age, gender, race and weight.
• One thing I love about this study is the use of Rx medications. For the blue & red group - those who were between 60-65 years old - their average Rx medication usage was 6-10, over the age of 65+ - their avg was 10-15. The Shaklee group / green = .6
• When I saw this I knew this was a worthwhile investment. Not only to feel great today, to have my blood work be amazing - but so I can be that healthy at 65 years old and beyond.

So Gladys Block (the nutrition expert from UC Berkeley) and Shaklee scientists asked - what are these Shaklee people taking from the Landmark study - the green group? This is how they developed the Vitalizer and the Life Strip. 2 amazing daily vitamin packs. A great place to start!My encouragement for you!

  • If you currently use nutrition products other than Shaklee, take a look at that company and see if they have any published peer reviewed clinical studies, 3rd party validation, integrity etc. Remember this is your body! compare the science

  • Try Shaklee and see if you feel the difference! I think changing brands for me made a huge difference in my health, recovery, and performance. 

Here's to a healthier life! ~christine