#NOURISH man, this is a good word, and a good feeling when you just ate something so delish, so satisfying, so healthy, so fresh and you FEEL good from it, right?!  Nourish for me also connects my heart, mind and soul when I read the Bible or a great book that speaks to me, teaches me, fills me, I FEEL nourished. I want you to close your eyes, really close them, and THINK of a time that you FELT nourished; whole, complete, in outstanding condition, healthy, rejuvinated, not lacking…! My business coach has me do this from time to time and it has been so great what comes out of my mouth and what i feel and then share! I can tell you that my answer to that question without hesitation is hiking on the Camino de Santiago, Spain. I’ve hiked the same part 3 times and each experience has been unique. It is one of my FAVORITE PLACES in all the world! I’ve been a few places, but here in this location, i felt like I was on cloud 9, i could literally sing at the top of my lungs, I was smiling ear to ear, and I FELT such joy, peace, love, blessing tenfold. I was there with my husband and my older two sons, Jon and Ben who were 14 and 12 years, on this occassion. I GUARANTEE they weren’t feeling what i was feeling. HA! I remember that day so so well. As we started walking from the tiny hamlet of O’Cebreiro, I let the guys go on ahead of me while I stopped on the dirt path and wrote! Without even thinking, I took the journal out of my backpack and within minutes I wrote two short poems in Spanish.  I DON’T write poems in Spanish. I never have attempted even in high school Spanish class. I’m telling you, that is how JOYFUL and awesome i felt at that moment!

So… the question is, how often do i FEEL that? i get some good moments like that for SURE, but the day to day pace of life, worries, busyness, restlessness can steal moments like these and make me long for them. 

March is national nutrition month and I hope a reminder for all of us to take better care of ourselves, to advocate for ourselves, and find better balance, rest, joy, fulfillment, health, and wellness. For some of us, we need to focus on better nutrition and eating habits, or have an accountability partner to truly get our butts to the gym and exercise! For others it might be having healthy boundaries in relationships, finding a good and loving church community, and resting our hearts. I NEED better balance in my schedule to think, sit, pray, plan so I can execute well! 

This month is a great time to recalibrate and find what we are needing and missing! l love that my company has a theme for this month and it's "#nourish and renew inside and out". It is such my passion and heart in transforming lives inside and out and empowering others to live out their best self in nutrition and wellness and fitness. So what do you say, let’s take better care of ourselves!


Definition: nour·ish