December Newsletter



I LOVE surprises! i don't like someone to tell me how a movie or book ends. I like to try new restaurants and go to new places. I certainly like surprise GIFTS and to GIVE surprise gifts, too!

Shaklee is giving away a surprise FREE gift the first 12 days of December. That means 10 days left!! 

Ever day is FREE shipping which i am all about!  Today, Monday Dec 3rd you can get a FREE Activating Serum that is priced at $80!!

Who knows what tomorrow's gift will be, but I am totally STOKED about today's!

Members or not can receive this special gift.  Free membership included for non members if you purchase $150 or more. Reach out to me and I can put in an order for you if you'd like. Call, tex 303.482.2399 or email.
Happy Holidays, to you!!

Happy Hour Grapefruit Mocktail

grapefruit mocktail

Stay Fit During the Holidays


Good Things Happen Jar

good things happen jar