Do What You Love

If i was to give advice to my kids as they think about a career, a job, a vocation, I would tell them, Do What You LOVE!

As i head into 2018, I want to surround myself with people that i love, and spend time doing what i love! don't you? Life is hard, and messy, we have jobs and obligations and responsibilities. But if I can choose to spend my hours on things that i love, enjoy and am passionate about, then life becomes fun and fulfilling! Yes, there are seasons, there are circumstances, unforeseeable events, that I didn't choose, but I want to make the most out of every opportunity to live life to the fullest and be intentional. 

I share this today because I need guidance and direction to remind me to reflect, to dream and to plan.  Take a moment and think about What is your WHY for doing this or that, what are your dreams, and Big Picture for 2018? My friend Shawna gave me this link (one Love paper co) to an awesome Year Planner that i can't wait to fill out and keep aligned to my goals, prayers and dreams for 2018.  I need a coffee date with myself to take time and reflect!

do what you love journal.jpg
sample do what you love.jpg

Let me ask you, imagine it's January 2019, what do you want to say that you accomplished, achieved, felt and celebrated in 2018? Work backwards towards that goal, remember your WHY and enjoy the journey! Here's to a fabulous year.