How 2017 changed me

How do you feel about this past year? What has 2017 done for you? I am reminded this morning as I sat in church how i felt about this year, what God has done in my life, and how i have grown. I would say in the beginning of this year i had two simple words that hindered my personal growth and they were: fear and disbelief.  I would get hung up on what people thought about me and I was afraid to just go for it and press on in my passions. I lacked the confidence to believe that i had what it takes, that I did add value to others and that i am making a difference. I struggled with comparing my weakness to others strengths and that never feels good!  I can look back now after conversations with a business coach, looking at the past and not being a victim but seeing what the past has done FOR me and not TO me gave me such relief, healing and freedom. wow! FEELS so good! "Throw off everything that hinders..." (Hebrews 12:1-2)

I began to feel the confidence and courage grow in me. I heard myself speak with confidence and courage and not speak negative talk. My faith and prayers were more dynamic and intentional and timely. I can say that this personal website IS the breakthrough of growth and change. It is encouraging when others see the change in you. I've had two friends recently tell me they have noticed that i am different, that i have this energy and confidence about me! amen! I am ready for 2018, for more growth, challenges, changes and joy. 

What are you looking forward to in 2018? What is one word that you want to claim that is something you are needing, desiring that will be your word for the year? What gives you the most joy?